February 19, 2013
the *best* of the best of nyfw.

If you follow anything fashion related, then you know last week was a flurry of shows and moments and looks and trends. And while there’s a lot to digest, I’ve condensed my top 3, end-all *EVERYTHING* shows, just for YOU!  

(you can see the rest of my favorites here)


Rag and Bone has always struck a chord with me, but this season inexplicably came to full fruition, as I felt these looks were designed for my soul (because I am a narcissist) with the perfect execution of menswear tailoring with JUST enough cool-girl femininity. Upon reading the Vogue.com review, I realized why:

The “girl,” their “girl,” is, of course, important to them. It’s who they talk about, who they design for, who they want to bring into sharper focus from the corner of their eyes. Oftentimes, designers will talk about their “girl,” and you don’t think she ever existed beyond the fancy of a design studio. But the Rag & Bone girl is everywhere you look, living downtown (even if in reality that’s more of a state of mind for her than a reality), standing beside you on the subway, going on a juice detox, watching Girls, getting drunk after said cleanse. In short, a living, breathing, fun creature that they have learned to dress instinctively, and rightly.”

Rag and Bone - I want to be your girl, forevermore.







What Rag and Bone did for me in individual tailoring, 3.1 Phillip Lim did for me in styling. The theme of the show was ROAD TRIPPING HEROINE, lest I need to articulate my love any further. Biker jacket wearing gypsies translated in very, very wearable ways. YES.







Rebecca Minkoff is just simply cool. Cool in a wearable, effortless way. Her styling also resonates strongly with me, and confirms that yes - BEANIES ARE HERE TO STAY.





February 24, 2012
if you need me, i’ll be watching annie hall and listening to jay-z….

Hey babes.

Ugh. Sorry for the unintentional hiatus ESPECIALLY during the most important month of the year - Fall Fashion Week(s) in NY, London, Milan and Paris. Actually, i was IN Manhattan during the heart of fashion week. All wide eyed and dreamy!

Unfortunately, we didn’t see much action, other than spotting an Amazonian model just leaving a show on the Subway in the Meatpacking District…But still, I couldn’t help but plot my future in the city with my man friend in tow ADMIRE what a beautiful and inspiring place New York is. I spent Monday morning walking up 5th from the Ace Hotel, to Eataly on 23rd up to Magnolia Bakery on 59th slowing but surely falling in love with that the energy that city possesses.

Jason Wu in the window of Bergdorf Goodman.

Sunset on the Highline.

Upon returning and perusing through street style photos from Fashion Week in NY, I had this dramatic bond with each image, like “oh, I was there that day” and “ha! I remember that weather…”. I love how photos from fashion week are so clearly stamped with the personality of New York, and it’s making them that much more inspirational to me right now. I realize how pathetic this is making me sound, so I’ll stop. I promise I’m not planning on moving anytime REALLY soon. But before recapping any favorite shows, why NOT share some favorite street style images from Fashion Week?? Just know I was there…


Coming up next: the shows. Until then….keep dreaming. xoxo.

photos via Tommy Ton on Style.com, The Sartorialist, The Man Repeller, Vanessa Jackman, and my instagram.

September 21, 2011
"You always have a green light that burns all night at the end of your dock…"

Hi guys. Maybe you read this often, you probably don’t…but guess what - I do. And I know I often refer to The Great Gatsby and how it’s my all time favorite book and how I can’t wait until Baz Luhrmann’s verion of the movie starring Leonardo di Caprio and Carey Mulligan come’s out in 2012 and how I wish I had been alive during the roaring 20’s or even the 30’s… but like I said, this isn’t another Gatsby post. It’s also not referring to THIS BOOK which I just read and highly recommend and cannot get off my mind:

Neigh, this is a post about the All-American himself, Mr. Ralph Lauren. His spring/summer 2012 show was one of the last of NYFW and possibly the best. Everything about it had a 1920’s nostalgia - from the flapper hats, to the floral prints and the drop waists and the bias cut. Everything about these looks made me wish I had a gin cocktail in hand and lived in New York sometime after the first World War and before the Depression.  

**i want the above dress more than anything i’ve ever wanted in my life. Sequins. Feathers. Be still my heart

The interesting thing about the 20’s is that given a few adjustments, it can be confusing with the 90’s. Take this Karlie Kloss look for example:

Remove the boa, volumize that hair and switch the sandals with platform white tennies and you have Jennifer Aniston in Friends, circa 1993. 

Regardless. I love this era, this collection. It makes me nostalgic for a time I never experienced. I guess all we have now is Billie Holiday, gin, and re-reading Fitzgerald.

"Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgiastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter—tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther…. And one fine morning— So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

September 14, 2011
Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta is probably my favorite designer of all time. For being in the business for 40 years, he always stays close enough to his signature “ladies who lunch” looks but provides fresh and unexpected inspiration each season. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of OdlR is that for a classic luxury fashion house, the brand has recently made themselves extremely powerful in the world of social media by live streaming their shows, curating a tumblr, consistently tweeting inside the house, and instagramming daily. Their PR has successfully made them relevant to a new generation, while still promoting their image of not quite everyday accessible. 

The opening three looks were extremely dramatic gowns with laser cut tops, seemingly a homage to Oscar’s years as an assistant to Cristobal Balenciaga in Spain (for full dramatic effect you MUST watch this).

Typical daytime suits were updated with neon colors, chiffon blouses and a socks paired with sandals. 

Classic florals for daytime and evening. 

Frothy pastels. 

Note the neon harem pants. OH also - in the front row. Ashley Olsen and Justin Timberlake. No big deal. 

And the final look. Absolutely stunning. 

September 13, 2011
rodarte & j crew.

Two all time favorites that showed today. First, Rodarte - 

Front rowed by Anna Wintour, Taylor Swift, Tavi Gevinson and the Fanning sisters (PS - how much do you love this picture? Anna Wintour laughing and Taylor Swift trying to play it cool…so great…) Rodarte showed today to mixed reviews. They’ve always been one of my favorites because I think they translate really successfully in a dramatic way. Their shows are always art first, fashion second. The New York Times said it best today, “what fuels the appeal of their collections is an eternal nostalgia for that moment in high school when anything seemed possible." The obvious inspiration for their Spring/Summer 12 collection today was Van Gogh’s sunflowers and starry nights. Maybe not my favorite Rodarte collection, but these looks are my favorites. 

On to the next- J Crew. We’re working backwards on this one. The second to last look made me, in the words of Rachel Zoe, die. Every element of this is perfect- sheer, feminine polka dots, a preppy striped coat, boyfriend denim shorts. In theory, none of these pieces should be styled together, but that’s just why J Crew works. It’s imperfectly perfect. It’s mismatched and realistic but yet unexpected and sophisticated. AND THAT GREEN BAG. “I die” -Rachel Zoe. 

This is an interesting silhouette choice for J Crew. The slouch is very Olsen twin-esque, but I think they’ll sell the pieces separately (imagine the slouchy sweater with a pencil pant and a fitted oxford shirt with the skirts). I like the slouch, but let’s be honest - it doesn’t look great on anyone who weighs more than 90 pounds.  

Same with these pants. I’m interested to see these on. I’m a big fan, but curious as to how they’ll translate. Color wise I’m loving the orange pops and the color blocking, continuing what we’re seeing right now in fall. 

Absolutely mastering the imperfectly matched prints. 

The green pant look reminds me of an Oscar de la Renta resort look. Its’ very 1970s chic. As for that classic J Crew skirt - OBSESSED. I’m also really digging the updated saltwater sandal heel. 

And the final look. So many good shows today. Expect more soon. 

September 12, 2011
NYFW SS12 - Roundup #1

In case you didn’t know, it’s Super Bowl week ladies - that’s right. Fashion Week is upon us. And it’s pretty damn hard to work all day long when I’m trying to catch up with the shows. The picture above of Nicki Minaj, Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington at Carolina Herrera this morning represents what an anthropological wonder fashion week truly is. (For more on that see this Times article.) 

Before the heavy hitters…hit in the next few days (Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc, the J Crew show), here’s a throwdown of what I’ve liked. It’s not quite a review (expect that in the next few days). Nevertheless, here’s what’s inspired me so far: 

Is this our best virtual friend walking in Rebecca Minkoff today???  Yes. Yes it is the Man Repeller, walking in a show. Marking a HUGE moment that emphasizes the influence of bloggers right now. 

Tracy Reese - This may be the one collection so far worth checking out the entire thing. Super impressed. 

Jenny Packham - always does me right. Sweet and simple and uber feminine. 


Donna Karan: Tribal to the max. Urban Outfitters is gonna copy the shit out of this.

Carolina Herrera: I would do ungodly things for that green collar. 

Zac Posen: His first show in a few seasons with inspiration driven straight out of the 1940s. Every silhouette in this collection is incredible - so feminine and glamorous. Easily my favorite so far.

Prabal Gurung:

Vena Cava:

Jason Wu:

Like I previously stated…

not much of a review. I guess I’m just feeling lazy. Well, no, if we’re being honest…nothing TERRIBLY awesome here…I’m holding my breath for my upcoming favorites and the weeks to come in Paris and such. Ah, fashion week. 

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