January 10, 2013


"graphic" is currently having it’s moment as THE aesthetic buzzword. much thanks to marc jacobs and louis vuitton’s spring 13 shows, the trend is beginning to actualize before our very eyes. 

there’s something quite appealing about 1960’s, cool girl stripes. perhaps in the light of the new year, it’s a bit cliche, but there’s something that about graphicness that brings sharp clarity and freshness. 

there’s also a nod to the women who were behind the mod movement of the 60s in london who shed their full skirts and pin curls for cigarettes and eyeliner. they were rebellious in their time for making themselves visible and autonomous, not wanting to be attached to a man and seeking their own independence and identity.AND WE ALL KNOW I CAN AGREE WITH THAT.

for sake of importance, i will also throw add that the shift crop top is having a major moment (as depicted below in louis vuitton’s spring 13 runway), but that my friends…is another story for another day. 










and just in case you also feel the passion behind this mod revival, here’s some picks JUST FOR YOU:


1. J Crew bikini top (i would personally love to wear this bad boy in the least conventional way possible, and that is with a high waisted black pencil skirt, and and open chambray button up)

2. Dior Liquid eyeliner

3. Madewell striped knit pullover

4. Topshop graphic tee

5. Alice and Olivia striped pumps

6. Striped slouchy pants

7. Banana Republic striped tulip skirt

*one last note* while the subculture of this movie isn’t quite pertinent to the mod movement, “that thing you do” WAS set in 1964. and besides being a complete dream of a story and boasting a catchy soundtrack, liv tyler’s hair and makeup in this movie are killing it. watch for inspiration.

July 11, 2012
raf simons & dior.

Looks by Christian Dior himself, Time Magazine, 1957.

There’s no denying that Raf Simon’s Dior debut last week was beautiful. Since joining Jil Sander in 2005, he’s gone from little-known to critically praised by folks like Cathy Horyn for his use of minimalism and color. In April, it was announced he would take over at Dior in lieu of John Galliano’s exit AKA dismissal. BIG SHOES TO FILL.

Last week, all eyes in Paris (all eyes blogging/tweeting in Paris) were on his Couture show.

The show was unanimously loved by almost all critics, that is, except one lonesome BoF reporter who cried Simons drew too literally from the Dior archives.

I first diagnosed this man as clinically insane and then realized…hmm…perhaps he IS onto something. It’s a tricky line, right? Remember when Alessandra Facchinetti was dismissed for NOT drawing enough from the Valentino archives? And now those 2 ex-accessory designers do a pretty decent job, but nothing compared to Mr. Valentino himself? (SIDE NOTE: IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE VALENTINO DOCUMENTARY STOP READING THIS NONSENSE NOW AND GO DO YOURSELF A FAVOR. I cried like a baby the first time I saw it.)

Anyways the moral of this story can be found in the last sentence of the BoF critique: “He is not son of John Galliano. He is Raf Simons, future leader of the pack.”

GO FORTH, RAF! Make us proud!

What do YOU think about his debut????

Dior, 1954.

Dior Couture, Fall 2012.

Christian Dior, 1951. Harpers Bazaar.

Dior Couture, Fall 2012.

Christian Dior, date unkown.

Dior Couture, Fall 2012.

Chrisitan Dior, 1957.

Dior Couture, Fall 2012.

To conclude: my favorite look, which I would like to stamp with “CHIC. AS. SHIT.”

I so badly want to wear this to an evening wedding in the fall. Can you imagine. CAN YOU. But really, please tell me what YOU think. xoxo.

February 27, 2012
the chicest.

After much consideration, I have come the conclusion that Natalie Portman in vintage Christian Dior was my #1 pick for best dressed last night.

While the dress was not necessarily gasp-worthy (aka, Gwyneth in a good way, Angelina in a bad way), there was just something so incredibly timeless. I mean, Vintage Dior from the 50s? You can’t go wrong. I’m not sure if it would be the best dress to wear for a Best Actress nominee, but for someone presenting she could not have looked more elegant or graceful.

I think it may have something to do with this comparison I keep drawing in my head…

Other dresses that made my list:

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford, obviously. By far the most fashion forward choice of the night.

Emma Stone in Giambattista Valli.

Shockingly….Stacy Kiebler in Marchesa. Some hated this look. I personally loved it. Fresh off the runway from New York last week.

Last but not least…my girl forever and ever..Meryl Streep in Lanvin.

In her own sweet words, her final comments in her Best Actress acceptance speech:

"I want to thank all my colleagues. All my friends. I look out here and I see my love before my eyes –my old friends and my new friends. This is such a great honor, but what counts most to me is the friendship and the love and the sheer joy we have shared making movies together my friends."

July 20, 2011
where dreams have no end.

[The title of this blog post has zero relevance to the Fall Couture shows, but if someone knows what it’s from WITHOUT the use of Google, you will become my favorite.]

ANYWAYS. The fall couture shows were last week, or perhaps the week before. I’m losing track of time around here. They were, sadly, lacking any elaborate inspiration. Galliano’s work was greatly missed, because in case you weren’t aware, he loves Hitler. Everything lacked what couture should be- intricate, figurative, abstract and provocative. The looks from these shows were pretty, but to me lacked a certain kick. SOMETHING’S MISSING. Maybe it’s just me…tell me what you think.

Givenchy. "Purity, lightness and fragility" were the words creative director Ricardo Tisici used to describe this collection. In case you weren’t aware, its pretty much official that sheer skirts are IT for fall. So start buying cute panties. 

I think if/when I get married I want to wear something like this that’s very low in the back. I’ve had this notion ever since this magical cinematic moment when I was 11. 

Chanel. Okkkkkkaayyyy…cool 1940s look but….this isn’t couture?

However- these are bitchin light-up shoes. 

Elie Saab. Sure it’s pretty. And I’m sure Taylor Swift will wear at least 3 of these to some major events…

Jean Paul Gaultier. I can get on board with this drama. 

Giambattista Valli ….and this drama. 

In summation: I think Valentino should come out of retirement. 

(from 2007) 

and John Galliano should…not be anti-semitic? 

(from 2004)

January 7, 2011

Thoughts for Spring 2011: vibrant and dramatic citrus-infused colors

Lanvin (all images Spring 2011 RTW)

Proenza Schouler



Marc Jacobs

Jil Sander

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