January 18, 2013


LOUIS VUITTON FALL 13. Hold the phones, we could stop here and look no further than this National Geographic, nature inspired collection with snow leopard coats, ethnic Bhutanese prints, and elegant Asian carpet bags. 






BURBERRY. Christopher Bailey is an utter genius. Tailored masculinity juxtaposed with hints of leopard feels like the perfect blend for an iconic house looking to push the boundaries. Also, structured mixed print doctor bags - YES.




CARVEN. Carven’s Fall line is for the 20something French hipster-gone-professional. If the Carven Fall line is for you, please call me.



GIVENCHY. Tonal texture, noted.


MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA. Turtlenecks have never felt more relevant.


MONCLER GAMME BLEU. Thom Browne’s highly overexaggerated Scottish spectacle is a bit much, but let’s look past his man skirts and Les Mis-esque revolutionary war paint, and find some good tartans.

But honestly, real talk, i would date this man, mostly because he’s like, “Hey, im really proud of my heritage, but also i’m quite elegant and formal, but also, im wearing french war paint”.

OKAY that’s all for now, but there WILL be more.

August 8, 2012
further thoughts on fall.

I’ve been spending the last few days clicking through Fall shows to prepare myself for life and also for the September issues that will soon be knocking on my door. Funny story - last year, my Vogue subscription had ended right before the September issue, and I spent an entire night frantically driving through San Francisco searching for a copy. Actually…that’s feels more pathetic than funny when typed out.

Anyway. I hadn’t spent much time looking through the shows since February (sue me, I’ve been working in Cookware). With the season right around the corner, everything seems a lot more relevant, richer and inspiring. To keep things simple, I have three observations. The rest I’ve haphazardly pinned here.

1) F U R.

Fur accents. Fur cuffs. Fur collars. Fur sleeves. Subtle hints of texture and drama that feels a lot richer than say…Rachel Zoe in a fur vest (terrifying). Incredibly chic and easy way to elevate an outfit. Ahem, see below:

Elizabeth and James - This whole look really screams STOP. EVERYTHING. the gloves, the baroque, the loafers…beyond.

Band of Outsiders - Also NEED those pants…

Elizabeth and James - The fur collar is a great way for someone afraid of cuddly things to integrate this look without shitting their pants. Overall, pretty conservative, but the fur accent gives some depth.

Paul and Joe - This look instantly reminded me of a certain Erika Bearman. A relatively minimalistic look with a boldly colored wide-leg trouser and the fur vest is very downtown glam.

2) B I G  A S S  C O A T S

I mentioned this last time…but I’m incredibly into the look of an oversized coat with a skinny pant. It’s easy and looks effortlessly polished.

Isabel Marant - Be still my heart.

Chloe - duh.

Carven - THIS. IS. EVERYTHING. I want those pants more than I can even comprehend…and those shoes are killer.

Elizabeth and James - Love the military style with the quilted blocks. Reminds me of a Belstaff hybrid.

3) S I L L H O U E T T E S

I realized I promised 3 points, but this is more or less and extension of point #2 in terms of silhouettes and structure. Even though this is much more general, I’m drawn to the silhouette of a cropped pant, cropped jacket and a bootie. It felts modern but still quite chic and versatile for the office and everyday. 

Rebecca Minkoff - I’m not sure what those pants are made of, but I THINK it’s in the sequin family and the second Topshop sells a knockoff, I’m buying. Also, the color palette here is really great.

Paul and Joe - Simple and clean.

Billy Reid - Love that the leather toughens this up.

Rebecca Minkoff - Best for last. I can picture myself wearing this exact outfit, so it’s less aspirational and more realistic. I’m still really into her hint of bright color amidst a richer palette. It’s fun. 

That’s all for now. What are you exciting about wearing for fall??? Do tell. 

May 4, 2012
shopping choices // new york.

Something terrible happened while I was in New York last week. Okay, not terrible because nothing terrible can happen in New York.

I wassoexcited to go to Topshop. I thought it was Christmas morning. I was planning on having to spend hours sorting through things and figuring out what I absolutely needed. However. Dare I say…after I ran (no, really) through 3 floors of clothing, I felt disappointed.

There were some really cool pieces, but most things I picked up and decided they looked cheap. But they weren’t really cheaply priced. I found myself thinking I’d much rathernot buy 2 things from Topshop and save for one nicer designer item.

I know, I know. It’s crazy. I’m growing up and shit.

My boyfriend’s inclination for quality > quantity when shopping may be a heavy influence in this, but I will say - the few items I’ve had the longest in my closet that get the most circulation are eithervintageorhumble investment pieces(I say humble, because I’m not loading up on the Chanel Couture you guys).

Here I present -four humble investment pieces I would invest in if I had any money at all.

Equipment Blouse, $268.

Loeffler Randall Boots, $476.

Carven Skirt, $340.

APC Trench, $500.

And PLEASE don’t worry, as evidenced by the below photo - I did purchase something from Topshop. And I truly did have a FANTASTIC time in New York; if you need me I’ll be apartment hunting for places in the West Village k cool talk to you ya later.

The Plaza and Bergdorf Goodman.

Inside the Plaza.

Had to throw in this handsome gentleman in Central Park.

January 13, 2012
pre-fall GOODNESS.

Pre Fall.

In other words: summer. Basically. That awkward season where you’re not buying fall or spring wardrobes, but retailers still want you to shop. And mayybbeee you’re thinking about making some fall-esque purchases.

Or maybe it’s just to tie us over until the Fall shows in February.

Regardless. I give you this. The best of Pre-Fall 2012 from this week.

Well, we could pretty much just stop at the below image, because I’m not sure what in life is better than this Dsquared look. Green Velvet blazer. LADY BOW TIE. Chic pants topped with pointy toe pumps. This is everything.


OR WAIT. This gothic-meets-Upper East side cape. The lines. Jason Wu. Be still my heart. There aren’t really words.

Rag and Bone. I love the colors shown in this collection. The varsity jacket reappears. I want to wear that multicolored skirt everyday in August. And you can bet I will start saving for those red boots…..now.

Thakoon. I really love the muted color palette and how it creates a sweet and romantic aesthetic. Great shapes and textures. Furry pockets are always a plus.

Proenza Schouler. Loving the 2 piece crop top look.Class PS silhouettes.

Givenchy. Major boots. Re-visitation of the Rottweiler.

Prabal Gurung. GENIUS.

Dsquared. It’s like they captured my soul. This dress is DIVINE. And I want to wear that outfit everyday I’m NOT wearing that dress.

More things like…Collars. The good news is that collars are here to stay, at least throughout the summer. This reaffirms my ceaseless need to wear a collar every day from now AT LEAST until my birthday in late August.

(Clockwise from top left: Jason Wu, Milly, Band of Outsiders, Erin Fetherston)

Cool Outerwear. (from L to R: Carven, Rochas, Rochas, dSquared) I love how each of these coats have an outdoorsy feel, but how they were all styled femininely with pointed toe pumped and skirts. New vibes.

If none of the above satisfied you, then I will leave you with this. A onesie from Stella McCartney. Also, if you’re on Pinterest, I have officially become obsessed and created an entire Pre-Fall board for your viewing pleasures.

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