August 8, 2011
Back to School…sike!

For the first year since 1994, I won’t be purchasing back to school supplies this August. I’m actually upset about that, but in lieu of colored pencils and Lisa Frank folders…

I bring you my fall wish list, starting at the bottom center with the most important: 

1. Printed Socks, Madewell. People underestimate the importance of a good, printed sock - namely, men. Show me a man with a brightly colored sock and I will show him good time (WHOA WHOA…too far and kidding! mostly. No really, that was a joke mom…). But REALLY. Picture this: a man with a nice pant, a nice pair of loafers or oxfords sits down and slips you a little colored sock. Be still my heart. But girls can have fun too, and as I’ve expressed before, printed hosiery is a great way to present yourself as put together, but also as someone who’s there for the party.  

2. Heeled Loafers, Topshop. Because you need something to shield your cool new socks and this is the perfect fall shoe for work or play. 

3. Tulle embellished parka

4. Michael Kors watch. I wanted a gold watch, but I have small wrists and this watch is a good compromise so I don’t look like a pimp. 

5. Composition Books. I use the red composition book all day long, and I must admit it adds a splash of color and happiness to otherwise dull office supplies. 

6. Gingham Shirt, Madewell

7. Jeans, Anthro.

8. iPad 2, Apple duh. I’ve come to the conclusion, I need this to fit in in SF. 

9. Women Travelers. My ideal coffee table book. 

10. Glasses, A. Trapp.

11. Slouchy sweater. I found this sweater on some random French blog, and if you click on the link it’s all Chinese. So. Not helpful, but if you can find me a slouchy sweater with a similar silhouette…new best friend. 

12. Cords, J Crew.  

13. Fur Vest, Topshop. I feel ALMOST as passionate about this piece as the men in colored socks. Last winter I bought a fur vest and it sat in my closet for about a month before I discovered it’s the most versatile piece I own. I’ve worn it so much that the faux fur has become matted and slightly resembles the texture of my maltipoo puppy. So. This year I want to go for something a bit more voluminous. But really - if you’re apprehensive about a fur vest, it’s a decision you won’t regret!

14. Colored skinnies, Anthro. In case you didn’t know, kelly green is my favorite color. 

15. Motorcycle boots. These are Jimmy Choo, so I’m searching for something a bit more cost efficient. But. A girl can dream. 

18. Colored patent loafers, Anthro.

19. Pretty little things, Anthro

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